There are many different ways for creating a realistic effect. One can find more than one path heading up to the mountain, but there is only one peak to reach.
I prefer using faster technologies, so whenever it is possible I seek 2D solutions.
Most of the time the outcome is more than convincing.
Shot images always have an inherent natural appearence. Almost anything can be created from photos or film sequences with a bit of tracking and some light 3D work.

In 3D applications one faces similar problems as when shooting on location. Positioning of a light or defining its character is not really an issue to be solved by software routine.
The real creative challenge is to create a lighting structure which could be finalized in the faster, interactive stage of compositing with the co-operation of the DoP and the director.


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I had been running a green screen studio facility for few years, but we had to move out, because the building was demolished.