II have been taking pictures since the age of fifteen.
It began with black and white. I had been using all sorts of cameras from pinhole to huge view cameras. I did all the lab work myself, sometimes I literally moved in the darkroom for weeks. Those experiences come handy even today.
Later I became more and more interested in cinematography.
In the meantime I studied History and Literature since those already owning a university degree had a better chance for being accepted at the Hungarian Film Academy.
Having done a successful entry exam in 1989 I had the opportunity to learn from masters like Gabor Szabo HSC, Vilmos Zsigmond ASC, Billy Williams BSC, Haskell Vexler ASC and Lajos Koltai ASC.
It was about 24 years ago when I first met digital imaging through a software called Photostyler.
My approach to VFX technology is always coming from the natural image with 2D sensitivity. I consider myself lucky often working on projects as DoP, as vfx supervisor, as compositor, and at times even as a 3D artist. Thus I have been able to learn both the advantages and limitations of all the different approaches.
I enjoy working in any fields of vfx, but I'm most experienced in supervising, compositing, lighting, and shooting both still and moving images for the digital imaging process.
I'm 54 now. Sometimes I feel like a 6 year old, sometimes as if being a 100.